Daniel, a young student, travels to Israel during his summer vacation in order to study Hebrew. During his stay, he is invited to discover the country and its history.



A beginning student who completes all 22 lessons will attain a level equivalent to the end of the first full year of university study.


Introductory Lesson

Learning the Hebrew alphabet (printed and cursive), writing letters guided by animation, exercises in reading, etc...



Immediate association of the sound of each word with its written form; a microphone input allows the student to record his voice and to compare it with a teacher's pronounciation.



Instantadneous translation of all Hebrew words with a simple mouse click.



Tables of grammar which can be referred to either by lesson number or by subject.


More than 200 excercises with automatic correction of responses ( fill in the blanks, multiple choice, fill in excercises with colors and words).


Israeli History and Culture

Pour la connaissance de la géographie et de la civilisation, des liens hypertextes sur des sujets aussi variés que Massada, Eliézer Ben Yehuda ou ... les fallafels.



Each lessons includes a different popular Hebrew song, so that the student can come to know Israeli folklore.


Computer Animation

Animated drawings illustrate every lesson.

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