Biblical Hebrew a comprehensive method teaches the original language of the Bible, in a systematic and entertaining manner, utilizing some of the Bible’s most famous verses.


Academic level

After completing this method, a student should be able to decipher, independently, all but the more complex Biblical verses.


Preliminary lesson

Learning the Hebrew alphabet (printed and cursive), forming letters guided by animation, exercises in reading, etc…



Read each text, word by word, verse by verse or continuously, from beginning to end, spoken or chanted. Each word is highlighted, in color, as the reading progresses.


Translation and Analysis

Simultaneous English translation and detailed grammatical analysis for each word of text.


Sections on grammar, which may be consulted by lesson, by topic, or as hypertext.



More than 200 exercises in vocabulary and grammar (fill in the blanks, multiple choice or type in the answers), with automatic correction of responses.



An audio Hebrew/English dictionary of over 1000 words.



Each Biblical personage and every national or geographic entity studied, is described with illustrations and commentary. The history of the language, Biblical literature, Biblical history and the geography of the eastern Mediterranean during Biblical times are all discussed.



For the comfort of the user : extensive help section, printing capability, adjustable letter size, variable sound volume etc…

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